unless meaning in Chinese

[ ən'les, ʌn'les ] Pronunciation:   "unless" in a sentence

  • 如果不,要是不,除非。 We shall go unless it rains. 如果不下雨我们就去。 U- you work harder, you will not pass the examination. 如果不加紧用功,你就不能通过考试。 U- absolutely compelled, I shall not go. 除非万不得已,我是不去的。 unless and until = until 〔unless and 是冗语〕。



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  1. Don't knock it unless you can do better .
  2. He 'll never pay up unless you get tough with him .
  3. He won't do it unless he is very much worried .
  4. Unless you work harder you will get the sack .
  5. The firm will go under unless business improves .

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