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  1. In 1967 Stampacchia was elected President of the Unione Matematica Italiana.
  2. The Unione Sportiva Grosseto Football Club was founded in 1912.
  3. Pollard describes the Unione Nazionale as " essentially an aristocratic clique ".
  4. His father was Mike Merlo, leader of Unione Siciliana.
  5. He introduced the Pia Unione Missionaria and Catholic Action into his parish.
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  7. From 1949 to 1952 he was the president of the Unione matematica italiana.
  8. Brezzi was the president of the Unione Matematica Italiana from 2006 to 2012.
  9. Roberto Calvi's life was insured for $ 10 million with Unione Italiana.
  10. Lombardo's reforms, however, caused some resentment within Unione Siciliana members.
  11. Like the Mafia, the Unione Corse is also split into separate crime families.
  12. This was the first time the l'Unione Philharmonic Society performed outside Malta.
  13. He played his last professional championship for Italian Serie C2 team Unione Sportiva Poggibonsi.
  14. These brothers were Chicago's Little Italy and maintained control over the Unione Siciliana.
  15. The violent retaliation against Aiello indirectly led him to finally become head of the Unione.
  16. Faggiano is member of the Unione dei Comuni di Montedoro, established in September 2002.
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