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  1. From its pretentious title to its boho subject matter _ skinny dope lesbians in underlit apartments talking about semiotics _ " High Art " sets an unusually rarefied agenda for itself.
  2. Craiglockhart Hospital, a requisitioned Scottish castle, is bathed in an underlit decorousness as the film rides an actual historical circumstance _ the meeting there of poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen in 1917.
  3. From the underlit glass floor to the handpainted Clemente ceiling to the carved wood African stools jumbled in among silver-leaf Louis XV furniture and glowing " technogel " upholstery, its mischievousness is infectious.
  4. Reviewing " The Duellists " in The New York Times in 1978, Vincent Canby described " a memory of almost indescribable beauty, of landscapes at dawn, of overcrowded murky interiors, of underlit hallways and brilliantly sunlit gardens ."
  5. The third big screen installment of the Marvel comic book about a half-breed vampire ( Wesley Snipes ) going medieval on full-breed vampires is an unholy mess : underlit, overedited, with a glum star and about three too many story lines.
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  7. But as a Columbia University lit professor who knocks herself out to get handsome Columbia math prof Jeff Bridges to love her, she's more than just a brainy shlump who lives with her mother in an underlit apartment and whose garment of choice is a shapeless chenille robe.
  8. Today : Tom and Jerry mend their differences through mediation and visualized peace-based scenarios . 5-6 p . m . : PETA presents the Dinnertime Parade of Slaughterhouse Horrors . 7-10 p . m . : Blurry, underlit video of people with tremendous BO talking about hemp.
  9. Don't show, do tell : " Seven " proved the most effectively creepy feature of the year by, basically, showing very little in the way of actual violence ( and barely illuminating the grotesque results we did see, thanks to Darius Khondji's brilliantly underlit cinematography ).
  10. "The House on Haunted Hill " is horrendously underlit so that two blondes essentially become one, and Taye Diggs as the movie's Black Guy has to end his sentences with " yo " and " maaan, " so we know that he's, you know.
  11. Other critics found the film's technicality unappealing, with Rob Gonsalves of " eFilmcritic " saying " the underlit setting occasionally produces unsettling, suggestive imagery, but the technique took me out of the movie ", while " The Observer " accused the film of " wasting the talent of Elizabeth Olsen ".
  12. If, unlike the more sophisticated " ER, " it doesn't ever get the talk right, it at least looks right _ except when turning the scenes with Costner's gloomy doc in his large underlit residence into a string of unconvincing old-dark-house moves that scare nobody except the doc's mangy blue parrot.
  13. Turner Classic Movies review of the film also notes the $ 150, 000-budgeted film looked more expensive on screen : " Much credit for the Lewton / Tourneur successes is owed to the talented craftsmen of RKO under the guidance of cinematographer Robert de Grasse and art directors Albert D'Agostino and Walter Keller who were adept at transforming cheap underlit sets into the stuff of nightmares, where every darkened nook housed a potential menace ."
  14. I mean it was quite a protracted process really but we did experiment the sense of it being very burnt out very very kind of white  so we experimented with underlit floors, we experimented with different kind of white covering everything : white paint, white fabric, and the cameraman was involved in how much to expose it, and a series of camera tests were done, so we got there but with a great deal of preparation and research ."
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