underlining in a sentence

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  1. Their stories underlined the complexity of the Bosnia's conflict.
  2. Daily incidents of violence underline the need for the foreign troops.
  3. But it also underlined to the troops their importance to China.
  4. Tuesday's action firmly underlined that Milosevic is consolidating power.
  5. Notes from the Levant : Articles and prepositions underline new stand on
  6. It's difficult to find underlining in a sentence.
  7. Muzyka and Birley underline the time commitment to a new venture.
  8. Col . Mnaizel, who underlined the absence of Israeli participation.
  9. However, tight security surrounding his trip underlined its controversial character.
  10. Harun underlined the need for saving public expenditure from unnecessary waste.
  11. That statement underlined one of the potential weaknesses of the government.
  12. NATO underlined Saturday that it would not compromise on its demands.
  13. He underlined their determination to approve a final draft on Tuesday.
  14. But Ruud van Nistelrooy underlined the need for a good performance.
  15. The intensity of the violence underlined skepticism about the truce talks.
  16. The clash underlines the growing problem of kidnapping in the Philippines.
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