underlining in a sentence

"underlining" in Chinese  
  1. The trend underlines deep cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe.
  2. You can quote me on that and underline it three times.
  3. Q . Why are some letters in Windows dialogue boxes underlined?
  4. They want to underline the wine's density and spiciness.
  5. His observations underline the curious prospects of Atlanta's offense.
  6. It's difficult to find underlining in a sentence.
  7. Two different events in the publishing world are underlining that fact.
  8. Instead, his absence underlines the stakes involved when he emerges.
  9. Euroskeptics in Britain seized on the vote to underline their position.
  10. You can sometimes underline the word " perceived ."
  11. The convention speaking schedule included several veterans to underline that point.
  12. A stroll through any garden center underlines Rosenberg's claim.
  13. It underlines the barbaric and brutal nature of the Khmer Rouge.
  14. "I can't underline that enough ."
  15. The ease with which Agassi dispatched him underlined his dominating form.
  16. Milan's Il Giorno underlined the dangers of professional cycling.
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