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  1. "And that is the goal of terrorism _ to create anxiety and fear . . . and erode a person's trust level in the world ."
  2. By using the system, it would allow players to reach out to the NPCs who fight alongside them in the game's story in conjunction with the trust levels.
  3. "The public does need to have a trust level with this and be assured that law enforcement is not going to abuse this powerful tool, " he said.
  4. High trust levels can be created when ecolabels apply for Governmental recognition as formal Certification Marks [ recognized by logos or names with'CTM', CM or'CertTM'].
  5. "When you start dealing with Asian communities or Middle Eastern communities, there's a larger sense of extended family, a much higher trust level, " attorney Hawkins says.
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  7. One of my dreams would be to have a relationship with a big symphony orchestra in a major city in America, where the trust level would be as it is with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
  8. :: : Other editors with a similar trust level-former arbcom members in good standing, checkusers / oversights, board members-can lend their experience and insight to helping sort out cases.
  9. As of September 2007, Bradshaw was the top-ranked former pro football player in the Davie-Brown Index ( DBI ), which surveys consumers to determine a celebrity's appeal and trust levels.
  10. Colonel Michael Bumgarner ( April 2005-June 2006 ), the commander of the camp's guard force, reacted to the suicides by telling his officers soon afterward : " The trust level is gone.
  11. The highest trust levels would be a government recognized certification mark that was also compliant with key ISO standards especially ISO 14024-Type 1 Ecolabels that undertake ISO 14040 compliant life cycle analysis as part of their assessment.
  12. In the end of 2009, the work councils in the DBH group established a " Konzernbetriebsrat " ( i . e . a works council which is authorised to bargain local issues on trust level ).
  13. The version 2 of the specification is divided in two parts : the basic profile, including the router RPC and Pub / Sub, and the advanced profile, featuring trust levels, URI pattern matching and client listing.
  14. Long-term contracts can contribute to these delays, said Harvey D . Bronstein, a senior international economist at the Small Business Administration . " You have to build relationships and a trust level with purchasers in other countries.
  15. Even if trust levels were kept 100 % private ( nobody ever knows anyone else's trust ratings, given or received ), it could be a useful tool . talk 19 : 24, 15 February 2013 ( UTC)
  16. There is a continued perception that virtual machines are inherently secure because they are seen as " computer cloud, where suddenly virtual machines of different trust levels may wind up on the same virtual network running across any number of physical hosts.
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