trust it in a sentence

  1. As a writer, I understand his claim and implicitly trust it.
  2. He didn't trust it as far as he could pivot.
  3. We used DOT figures so the employees could trust it.
  4. When you see it work, you trust it more.
  5. But boxing has come to trust its referees'integrity.
  6. It's difficult to find trust it in a sentence.
  7. I trust it won't be the last lesson.
  8. "You've got to trust it and believe it.
  9. Not every country, of course, chooses to trust its neighbors.
  10. Now, nobody trusts it, " he said.
  11. I just stand over the ball, get comfortable and trust it.
  12. And I trust it will remain at the same level.
  13. Changez says he trusts it is simply his holder of business cards.
  14. People didn t trust it, so they wouldn t ride it.
  15. He wrote and produced Shugasmakx's single " Trust It ".
  16. At the end of the day, that network trusts its showrunners.
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