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  1. Alte Leipziger Trust Investment Gesellschaft mbH's Michel said he didn't think the problems with the EU " will have too much of an effect on VW ."
  2. Frankfurt : Frankfurt-Trust Investment-Gesellschaft mbH holds press conference on fiscal 1997 . 11 a . m . BHF-Bank AG headquarters . ( See : BHF GR Equity CN)
  3. "This one feels a little more severe because we have gone a while without having one, " said Mary Lisanti, manager of Bankers Trust Investment Small Cap fund.
  4. "Breuer is somewhat more progressive towards the bank's image from outside and more effective in publicity, " said Friedrich Diel, a fund manager with Frankfurt Trust Investment-Gesellschaft mbH.
  5. Philip Feigin, executive director of Washington-based North American Securities Administrators Association, which represents state securities regulators, said investors tend to trust investments with religious or other common bonds.
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