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  1. According to the suit, soon after securing the policies many of the individuals filed claims with Trust Insurance, reporting that they had been involved in minor traffic accidents and seeking payment for the damage to their cars as well as for their medical bills.
  2. The median price of homes purchased in 18 leading metropolitan areas increased to $ 147, 700 from $ 145, 500 in 1994, according to an annual study by Chicago Title and Trust Insurance Co . The price increased 2 . 5 percent in 1994.
  3. Insurance investigators will take a closer look into allegations that 11 recent emigres from Russia and a Brookline-based insurance agent conspired to file more than $ 150, 000 in questionable claims against defraud Trust Insurance Co . of Taunton for staged or phony accidents.
  4. Colagiovanni, who is president of the Monitor Ecclesiasticus Foundation, which publishes a journal of Roman Catholic canon law, is accused of scheming to defraud Capitol Life Insurance Co ., Western United Life Insurance Co . and the Thunor Trust insurance companies and their policy holders.
  5. In a lawsuit filed by Trust Insurance Co . of Taunton, Mass ., 11 Russian natives and a Brookline, Mass . insurance agent are accused of participating in a conspiracy that allegedly resulted in the submitting of more than $ 150, 000 in questionable claims during the past two years.
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