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  1. But he was doubtful that the government could fulfill its pledge to stabilize prices even with large subsidies.
  2. Turning to Iraq, Silva insisted his organization would do what it could to stabilize prices in volatile times.
  3. OPEC was unable to reach unanimous agreement Tuesday on raising oil production to stabilize prices, an Iranian delegate said.
  4. OPEC is trying to stabilize prices at around $ 25 a barrel for an average of seven benchmark crudes.
  5. Ramos said the government made a mistake by imposing price controls in the capital to try to stabilize prices.
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  7. We still have as a target to stabilize prices between dlrs 22 and dlrs 28 ( a barrel ),
  8. He said the decision to slash oil production aims " to stabilize prices " after their notable decline lately.
  9. If the cartel is in fact increasing the flow of oil to stabilize prices, why not just formalize it?
  10. The rice imports are expected to stabilize prices which have continued to fluctuate in big cities across the country.
  11. Through its powerful Central Selling Organization, De Beers keeps a tight rein on the world diamonds supply to stabilize prices.
  12. We have prepared one million tons for the market operation to stabilize prices for the 1997 / 1998 fiscal year,
  13. Indonesia this year assumed the rotating presidency of OPEC, which on Feb . 11 announced production cuts to stabilize prices.
  14. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Friday urged non-OPEC oil producers to work with OPEC and cut production to stabilize prices.
  15. Moerdiono declined to comment when asked whether the government will likely import rice to stabilize prices in the near future.
  16. Schumer reiterated his call for the Clinton administration to release oil from the nation's strategic reserve in order to stabilize prices.
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