to stabilize prices in a sentence

"to stabilize prices" in Chinese  
  1. "It's the U . S . contribution to stabilizing prices,"
  2. "Nisseki Mitsubishi wants to stabilize prices, " she said.
  3. Empire East said it will buy back an undetermined number of shares to stabilize prices.
  4. It was the underpinning for marketing quotas for agricultural products in order to stabilize prices.
  5. Refiners have been trying to stabilize prices by limiting the supply coming on the market.
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  7. Central bankers try to stabilize prices to protect economies from the negative consequences of price changes.
  8. We are still talking with non-OPEC producers to convince them to share efforts to stabilize prices,
  9. "They're looking to stabilize prices, " said Ann-Louise Hittle, senior director at Cambridge Energy Research Associates.
  10. OPEC's leader insisted his organization would do what it could to stabilize prices in volatile times.
  11. With the new measure, Bulog will no longer operate as a buffer stock agency to stabilize prices.
  12. He called for measures to stabilize prices, restore supplies to shops and prop up the banking system.
  13. The excess capacity in the industry is being reduced and imports are dropping, helping to stabilize prices.
  14. Non-government organizations provided rice to stabilize prices.
  15. He rejected Bush's contention that the oil reserve was not meant to be used to stabilize prices.
  16. If anything, said San Francisco wine industry consultant Eileen Fredrikson, " mergers tend to stabilize prices ."
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