to squeeze out in a sentence

"to squeeze out" in Chinese  
  1. But the Badgers'defense enabled them to squeeze out a 31-28 lead.
  2. Alternatively, cut comb is put into a honey press to squeeze out the honey.
  3. She kept shaking her arms and slapping her thighs as if to squeeze out the nervousness.
  4. When gelatin is soft, use a clean dish towel to squeeze out excess liquid gently.
  5. In theaters across Europe, Hollywood's blockbusters have tended to squeeze out local productions.
  6. It's difficult to find to squeeze out in a sentence.
  7. That is another version to make the competition attractive and to squeeze out even more money.
  8. Contractors greedy to squeeze out more profits kept the workers in the dark about the cyclone.
  9. "It's no effort to squeeze out anybody, " insists Young.
  10. On his first attempt he used lip balm to squeeze out of a pair of handcuffs.
  11. The motion helps to squeeze out the glochidia and it may help to attract fish hosts.
  12. Before using the onions, gather them tightly in your hand to squeeze out all excess moisture.
  13. Chop finely by pulsing, place potato in a dish towel and twist to squeeze out liquid.
  14. We want to see what else that we can do to squeeze out a little more time.
  15. The national trend favored Republicans, who seemed to squeeze out victories in nearly every close race.
  16. During their 90-day extension, they tried to squeeze out a few more good memories.
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