to squeeze out in a sentence

"to squeeze out" in Chinese  
  1. The Sabres managed to squeeze out only five shots in the second period.
  2. Most companies say they aren't trying to squeeze out the competition.
  3. Try to squeeze out as much air as possible when freezing in bags.
  4. Avendra was set up to squeeze out deep discounts by combining these purchases.
  5. But campaigns always find ways to squeeze out more cash, Warren said.
  6. It's difficult to find to squeeze out in a sentence.
  7. So, I plan to squeeze out all my energy for the Americans.
  8. Place grated squash in kitchen towel and twist towel to squeeze out the liquid.
  9. Wish-fulfillment fantasies are beginning to squeeze out volatile shows attached to reality.
  10. Right now we need to squeeze out a few points any way we can.
  11. Peel tomatoes; crush gently to squeeze out seeds and juice; chop flesh.
  12. Are we sure we want to squeeze out every admin through the same mold?
  13. Then, pierce the rind and poke in a straw to squeeze out the juice.
  14. It's also for makers of mainframe computers looking to squeeze out more performance.
  15. I mumble as I roll over and try to squeeze out an extra five minutes.
  16. Or at least every team looking for leverage to squeeze out a new stadium deal.
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