to sprout in a sentence

"to sprout" in Chinese  
  1. But then the mistakes that have undone the Jets began to sprout up again.
  2. When conditions are right, they seize the chance to sprout.
  3. Grass is unlikely to sprout anew until fall at best.
  4. Temples and associations began to sprout in areas where there was a sizeable community.
  5. But restrictions have been loosened in recent years, and private enterprises have begun to sprout.
  6. It's difficult to find to sprout in a sentence.
  7. Swollen knuckles look like crocus bulbs about to sprout.
  8. Does every room of your house seem to sprout magazines and catalogs while you sleep?
  9. So vegF genes might remain active just long enough for new blood vessels to sprout.
  10. But after the initial success, doubts begin to sprout.
  11. The seeds of structural reform are starting to sprout.
  12. As 1996 approaches, skis are about to sprout brains.
  13. His baby-soft face had yet to sprout a whisker.
  14. It takes as long as six weeks for disbudded caladiums to sprout, so be patient.
  15. New theme parks seem to sprout up on a weekly basis to handle the overflow.
  16. Do they need any special treatment to sprout?
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