to sprout in a sentence

"to sprout" in Chinese  
  1. Seeds fail to sprout, or crops wither beneath the relentless sun.
  2. Some think the holes may spur the body to sprout new blood vessels.
  3. However, if the seeds do manage to sprout they demonstrate symptoms almost immediately.
  4. Shoots of rice are beginning to sprout from watery, mud-walled rectangles.
  5. A few are able to sprout after forest fires ( e . g.
  6. It's difficult to find to sprout in a sentence.
  7. Imports poured in from some 18 countries, and new outlets continued to sprout.
  8. The area seemed to sprout more attractions and conveniences with each passing month.
  9. But it is an odd place to sprout a mass-market seer.
  10. It may take up to a week for grains to sprout.
  11. Malting is about getting the grains to sprout, then drying them.
  12. The candidates, meanwhile, seem to sprout up on their own.
  13. But the tendency of McDonald's to sprout in historic places has soured some French.
  14. A very effective way to sprout beans like lentils or azuki is in colanders.
  15. Perhaps the greatest thing to sprout from adversity is innovation.
  16. As the crabgrass plant dies, it drops seeds that wait until spring to sprout.
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