to sprout in a sentence

"to sprout" in Chinese  
  1. Summer branches of the Library began to sprout up in the 1930s.
  2. Large satellite dishes began to sprout in rural Canada in the mid-1980s.
  3. But Kim has often been disappointed as graft has continued to sprout.
  4. Later " tiangges " or small stalls began to sprout in Greenhills.
  5. Microgreens are planted with very low seed density compared to sprout processing.
  6. It's difficult to find to sprout in a sentence.
  7. Alas, that boat continues to sprout fresh leaks with each passing week.
  8. Industrial parks and malls began to sprout, including some financed by Palestinian-Americans.
  9. Sometimes it takes a while for the corn to sprout and grow.
  10. Gradually the field began to sprout drilling rigs wherever stability conditions allowed.
  11. Avoid turnips with wrinkled skins or those that are beginning to sprout.
  12. Two seeds I planted required more than a year to sprout.
  13. Shopping malls also are expected to sprout along the Malaysian side.
  14. The bulbs will begin to sprout when the roots have developed.
  15. St . Peter's dome appears to sprout from the STORY IN
  16. Removing the tip bud stimulates the dormant buds to sprout those new shoots.
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