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  • 包租
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  1. Later on , ludwig carried his business to a new stage of development : he got another tanker designed , before the keel was even laid , a common carrier was persuaded to charter it after its completion
  2. For three hours phileas fogg wandered about the docks , with the determination , if necessary , to charter a vessel to carry him to yokohama ; but he could only find vessels which were loading or unloading , and which could not therefore set sail
  3. The whole system base on theory of charter one to charter six , inherited basic structure of tradition information system , appended gps gis dss especial function . it can the whole system function more perfect , designated cropland manage aspect henceforth effectively
    整个系统以第1章第6章介绍的理论和方法为基础,继承了传统信息系统的“农田信息系统一各模块一具体各模块功能”的基础结构,添加了gps 、 gis 、 dds等特殊功能。
  4. When the vivir world tour went to europe , it became necessary to charter a jumbo cargo jet . this tour , which was well - received by the critics , is considered the biggest one by a latin performer , making iglesias not only the best - selling latin recording artist but also the most successful one on stage
    在新千年之际, enrique推出首支英文单曲bailamos ,这支单曲一推出后就受到国际乐坛的重视,也在市场上获得了很好的成绩,站上了billboard no . 1 。
  5. Strategic analysis on succhi shows that succhi should expand by franchising its business besides regular chain under the new conditions to gain fast development , higher rate of market coverage , larger business scale . during the same time how to charter the business is discussed

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