the courage to be in a sentence

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  1. The other is wealth therapy _ psychologists like Suze Ormond ( " The Courage to Be Rich,"
  2. He confided to Hippolyte de Villemessant that " We must have the courage to be silly, ".
  3. After Horst's death, Max finds the courage to be true to himself, and takes his own life.
  4. For Tillich, he outlines three types of anxiety and thus three ways to display the courage to be.
  5. Colson said, crediting Bush with having the courage to be the first in the nation to try it.
  6. It's difficult to find the courage to be in a sentence.
  7. The performances are fine, but the movie lacks the courage to be the painful, genuine story it is.
  8. As a politician, Dornan's forte is pungent speech, what he terms " the courage to be flamboyant ."
  9. Having the courage to be rejected shows that you believe in your work and you love your work,
  10. King Bhuvanekabahu's grandson King Dharmapala of Kotte had the courage to be baptized and rule as a Catholic King.
  11. In the collaborationist character as finally having summoned the courage to be in open defiance against a supreme government.
  12. But before you go to sleep, raise a glass to Charles Lindbergh, who had the courage to be first.
  13. Our own hope is that the courts will find the courage to be realistic in defining what is needed.
  14. To truly have the courage to be really funny, you have to be willing to look like a dip.
  15. The most apparent is that of Yorick, who after returning from prison, " lost the courage to be crazy ".
  16. It's all very well for Mary Poppins to encourage her charges to have the courage to be who they are.
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