tea cake in a sentence

"tea cake" in Chinese  
  1. He pioneered the manufacture of a small " Dragon Tribute Tea Cake " ('Y \ 櫉釼 daxiao longtuan ) of superlative quality.
  2. "Tea Cakes or Cannoli " is intended to be a coming-of-age story set amid the sights, sounds, and smells of Boston's North End.
  3. A tea cake made with Meyer lemons and buttermilk from DIVINE DELIGHTS would be just right after one of those overindulgent holiday dinners.
  4. This year's competition, on the banks of the Mobile River at a downtown park, will also include a contest for best tea cakes.
  5. "Does anyone remember the Russian Tea Cakes at the old Manhattan Bakery on Cheshire Bridge ? " asks Judy Merlin ( e-mail ).
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