tea cake in a sentence

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  1. Bigelow Tea is offering a collection of recipes, including cozy chamomile nut bread and Constant Comment tea cake.
  2. -- Another reader would like a recipe for an English tea cake she ate in California several years ago.
  3. The smoothest and most buttery in a stiff competition, shortbread from CONCORD TEA CAKES avoids all the usual pitfalls.
  4. Marietta Fields of Marietta asks for help finding " an old-fashioned tea cake like my grandmother made for me.
  5. A reason for the common name " Russian Tea Cake " or any connection to Russian cuisine is unknown.
  6. It's difficult to find tea cake in a sentence.
  7. She meets a young drifter and gambler named Vergible Woods who goes by the name " Tea Cake ".
  8. However, the Tunnock tea cake does not have the same kind of chocolate and a different type of filling.
  9. I loved it when she cut the tea cake, licked her fingers, and went on talking with her mouth full.
  10. The book contains detailed descriptions of the names of various tribute tea cakes and their packaging, some even with dimensions.
  11. Ginger creme brulee, mini summer pudding, spicy strawberries " raw and cooked ", and chocolate bergamot tea cake were other treats.
  12. This information allows one to be able to single out tea cakes produced using a better batch of " m醥ch?".
  13. First, they tricked Rasputin into consuming poisoned tea cakes and drafts of wine _ to no avail : He asked for more.
  14. It remains a popular weekend tea cake in some of the southern counties of England, including Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.
  15. "Miss Spider's Tea Party " is about a lonely spider who wins over some reluctant bug friends with kindness and tea cakes.
  16. Anise is an Italian and Dutch favorite; the licorice flavor is a cross between sweet and bitter in cookies and tea cakes.
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