tea cake in a sentence

"tea cake" in Chinese  
  1. My grandmother kept tea cakes out on a platter.
  2. A taste of the old-fashioned : Several readers also sent in recipes for tea cakes.
  3. Tea Cake plays the guitar for her and initially treats her with kindness and respect.
  4. But the dry tea cakes remained on the plate.
  5. Grandmother Leopard's specialities : laughter and tea cakes
  6. It's difficult to find tea cake in a sentence.
  7. Sales of Tunnock's tea cakes were 62 % higher at Waitrose the day after the ceremony.
  8. 8 a . m . TEA CAKES SHOP
  9. We have several tea cake recipes in our files; here are two variations on the theme.
  10. "Ah yes, " adds Sacks, savoring the memory as if it were a creamy tea cake.
  11. Tea cakes, rice balls and sacrificial boars.
  12. The popular Tieguanyin, for example, is traced back to a single plant discovered in tea cake ]]
  13. Tea Cake's friends are apologetic and forgive her, and they want her to remain in the Everglades.
  14. Neither should be confused with a spiced bun, nor with a similar cake called the tea cake.
  15. "' Russian tea cake "'is a kind of pastry, often eaten around Christmas in the United States.
  16. These are like old-fashioned tea cakes.
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