taint in a sentence

"taint" meaning  "taint" in Chinese  
  1. Although a humanoid shape, it is classified as a taint.
  2. There are those who feel they are grave moral taints.
  3. "We're talking about taint ?"
  4. What could taint such a proud time for the Clippers?
  5. "That stuff " left a taint on his legacy.
  6. It's difficult to find taint in a sentence.
  7. Now the Democrats must also bear the taint of scandal.
  8. The taint of past default contributes to their higher yields.
  9. Even Hitler couldn't taint Toscanini's Beethoven and Wagner.
  10. "It could taint their decisions, " she said.
  11. For so long, Curry football had a negative taint to it.
  12. However, the taint of the sleaze will not vanish by 2002.
  13. Yet he somehow manages to escape real punishment or taint.
  14. The taint of possible criminality reaches into the Netanyahu Cabinet.
  15. And the continuing Clinton presence could taint the Democrats outside New York.
  16. Association with the industry and its money creates a taint.
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