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  1. No Goldman reputations have been sullied by the taint of scandal.
  2. The last year of taint and scandal has taken its toll.
  3. It really would taint the party if Lott remained as leader.
  4. He wants to clear the jury of any taint of racism.
  5. An America-knows-best arrogance sometimes taints their activity.
  6. It's difficult to find taint in a sentence.
  7. But some of that history taints Cape Town's image.
  8. But the debacle inevitably taints a prize that many have criticized.
  9. There is no taint on Sydney, even from Marc Hodler.
  10. Medication or other conditions can taint the results, Hunter said.
  11. "They've lost their nuclear taint ."
  12. TCA is the main documented cause of cork taint in wine.
  13. The bleakness of their relations taint those of Beauregard and Porcia.
  14. Arbitrators must be absolutely free from any taint of outside influence.
  15. The band embarked on a European tour with Welsh rockers Taint.
  16. Each pig must be immunised twice to successfully control boar taint.
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