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[ teint; tent ] Pronunciation:   "taint" in a sentence   "taint" meaning
  • vt.
    沾染;感染;腐败,坠落。 His character is tainted by selfseeking. 他的性格带有利己的缺点。 tainted family 有遗传病的家族。 tainted goods 非工会会员制造或经手的商品,来历不明的商品。 tainted meat 腐肉。 tainted money 肮脏钱。 Meat will readily taint in c+More...
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  1. His character is tainted by self-seeking .
  2. Meat will readily taint in close weather .
  3. This disease of money and greed taints other people .
  4. Such is the taint in us .
  5. Everything possible should be done to free them from the economic taint .

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