t there in a sentence

"t there" in Chinese  
  1. I went out, but the car wasn't there.
  2. As for Baron Davis, the playfulness wasn't there.
  3. They weren't there, and neither was the car.
  4. This time, the psychic underpinning simply isn't there.
  5. And that tells me they weren't there ."
  6. It's difficult to find t there in a sentence.
  7. What happens when that person isn't there ?"
  8. The need for it just isn't there ."
  9. Fortunately, I wasn't there to watch its demise.
  10. Isn't there some sort of residency requirement ?"
  11. I mean, isn't there a law or something?
  12. Bill Clinton wasn't there, neither was Bob Dole.
  13. Aren't there laws against looking like that ?"
  14. The arrogance, the swagger isn't there _ yet.
  15. Isn't there a league rule about that ?"
  16. Hastings wasn't there, but Brown was, again.
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