t tests in a sentence

"t tests" in Chinese  
  1. :I don't agree that you can't test it.
  2. :Don't test with an odometer, since mileage may vary.
  3. Don't test by dipping toes or fingers into the upper pools.
  4. "I didn't test it to the full extent,"
  5. Don't test a garment by standing still in front of the mirror.
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  7. "You can't test the concept of a slot,"
  8. As Barnes himself has noted, some children simply don't test well.
  9. Teams don't test his arm much.
  10. This one didn't test UCLA's brains, but its brawn.
  11. Don't test your friendship like that.
  12. So you don't test us to that level, which is fine.
  13. Lacking a reliable source of butterflies, I couldn't test it fully.
  14. The public polls can't test that.
  15. Biology doesn't know theory, and cells aren't test tubes.
  16. So I'd be surprised if they didn't test him ."
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