t tests in a sentence

"t tests" in Chinese  
  1. "We don't test and reorder.
  2. Some don't test positive until age 5.
  3. They just build benchmarks; they don't test products ."
  4. We couldn't test that before ."
  5. We can't test his heart's limit . "'
  6. It's difficult to find t tests in a sentence.
  7. "Obviously, we can't test them all ."
  8. We don't test race runs ."
  9. But please don't test his patience . nn
  10. "Guilty pleas don't test the government.
  11. These East Germans were tested, but they didn't test positive.
  12. They are well spaced out and therefore don't test your patience.
  13. Today's training was irregular so we couldn't test anything.
  14. However, the public didn't test the new electronic voting machines.
  15. When population parameters are unknown, a t test should be conducted instead.
  16. Of course, I can't test it.
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