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  • [Economics]
    A commonly used test of tests of significance of statistical estimates. The t ratio is the ratio of the standard error of an estimate of a coefficient to its absolute value. This can be compared with tables of the ratios which for the sample size give any percentage chance that this estimate could have arisen by chance when the true value of the coefficient was zero. Estimates of fitted equations frequently print the t value for each coefficient immediately below it, in brackets. Thus the fitted version of the equation yt = a + bxt + czt + εt is printed out in the form yt = 102 + 0.375xt + 1.23zt (3.45) (4.27) (5.63)


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  1. don t test your smart id card with a magnet
  2. some believe that programmers can't test their own code
  3. don't test me tonight, hadley, i mean it
  4. "i can ? t test everything!
  5. don't test me . you know the only reason i agreed to go on this trip

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