t rule in a sentence

"t rule" in Chinese  
  1. "You don't rule anything out,"
  2. "I wouldn't rule anything out ."
  3. "I haven't ruled it out ."
  4. "We don't rule anything out,"
  5. Still, Drew didn't rule out future oil projects.
  6. It's difficult to find t rule in a sentence.
  7. Some haven't ruled out yet another bid for MCI.
  8. It's a scenario Moore doesn't rule out.
  9. He hasn't ruled out having his own place again.
  10. "I wouldn't rule out anything,"
  11. I certainly wouldn't rule out any eventuality ."
  12. "I wouldn't rule out anyone,"
  13. "He hasn't ruled it out,"
  14. Finally, don't rule out pumping a little iron.
  15. But he didn't rule on the domain name itself.
  16. "I wouldn't rule out a military takeover.
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