t rescue in a sentence

  1. Asterix and Obelix arrive on Iceland shortly after the Vikings, but they can't rescue Justforkix.
  2. Even though she isn't rescued, the incident seems to pull Julie out of her brainwashing.
  3. "If we can't check on them, we haven't rescued anything,"
  4. Josh couldn't rescue her however when Annie abducted Reva and left her to crash in an airplane.
  5. This argument would not be universally accepted among postmodernists, and it still doesn't rescue postmodernism from relativism.
  6. It's difficult to find t rescue in a sentence.
  7. -Remember that firefighters probably can't rescue you from the outside if you're above the sixth floor.
  8. More would have been too much; 22 roles didn't rescue Joe Sears in " Tuna Christmas ."
  9. Esiason couldn't rescue the Cardinals against the Giants that day, but the last three games have all been victories.
  10. Robert DeCeunynck's clever mimicking at the harpsichord still couldn't rescue the often halting connections between players during recitatives.
  11. A 120-run partnership for the fourth wicket between Inzamam-ul Haq and Salim Malik couldn't rescue Pakistan.
  12. Wall Street is in a funk, and some analysts fear the U . S . economy can't rescue it.
  13. Sanchez said that if his 70 officers can't rescue a hostage, they try to help the families lower the ransom.
  14. And that was fine by me; even the Vance-prescribed " Authentic Swing " couldn't rescue my game.
  15. The dialog gives the actors enough material to work, with the exception of a few clunkers that even Byrne couldn't rescue.
  16. Tommy also sees dead people who are strangers he couldn't rescue from fires, who haunt him with his own sense of failure.
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