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  1. The most important exam that the Form Six students take is the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia ( STPM ) certificate.
  2. Students with STPM qualification or its equivalent or A-level, SAM or CPU are exempted from the foundation course.
  3. Besides students with STPM / A-level qualifications, the course is open to matured students with relevant work experience.
  4. Starting in 1976, students of the school are able to sit for the STPM without traveling to other examination centres.
  5. For entry to Metropolitan College, STPM, A-level, CPU, SAM and UEC students are eligible to apply.
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  7. From year 2012 onwards, new modular system will replace the existing terminal system for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia ( STPM ).
  8. In 1879, James Jerome Hill and others formed the Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway ( StPM & M ).
  9. In Ipoh, Perak schools saw an overall increase of 0.8 per cent in the passing rate for the STPM examination.
  10. It is a commonly-held belief that the public university entry requirements are easier for matriculation students and disproportionately difficult for STPM students.
  11. STPM is a pre-university course equivalent to the A-Levels and the IB and is taken by students in Form 6.
  12. You are not dealing with a bunch of primary school children here, these are SPM and STPM students who intend to go to universities.
  13. Besides that, examination results under the new STPM assessment system will be monitored by a representative from Cambridge Assessment to maintain standards and quality.
  14. Although in theory non-Bumiputras may enter the matriculation stream, and Bumiputras may sit for the STPM, this rarely occurs in reality.
  15. The Johor state Education Department awarded the school " Sekolah Cemerlang Negeri Johor " ( Preeminence School in Johor ) for the 2007 STPM exam.
  16. In Johor, a total of 1, 655 candidates sat the STPM examination last year, with 97.58 per cent achieving full passes.
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