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  1. xfdws STPM-STUDENTS-FIRST sked
  2. IN response to the letter, " Consider STPM students first for varsities,"
  3. We hope that STPM students now awaiting results will also approach this situation with open minds.
  4. If they opt for Form 6, they will be required to take the STPM examination.
  5. Those without STPM / ` A'Levels must undergo Inti's University Foundation Programme first.
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  7. Hassan said there were fewer appeals from STPM holders and these would be handled by the universities.
  8. STPM is one of the two major pre-university systems for admission to Malaysian public universities.
  9. SMC's immediate concern was to prepare students for the STPM ( Form Six ) Examinations.
  10. Matriculation certificate, however, is only valid in Malaysia unlike STPM which is recognised across the world.
  11. Both the diploma and higher diploma courses are open to SPM / STPM holders or students with equivalent qualifications.
  12. At the Sixth Form level, where students take their STPM, the classes have both male and female.
  13. In 1996, SMKBS recorded 100 % in STPM and 80 % of their students qualified for the certification.
  14. The school has had six grade classes from 2003 and the first students were the STPM examinations in 2004.
  15. These veteran teachers as well as the ones who opt out, are replaced by fresh SPM or STPM holders.
  16. STPM is not the only qualification accepted besides the matriculation programme and Malaysian Higher Islamic Religious Certificate ( STAM ).
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