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  1. The IIIT at Berhampur is being established on a land and this is likely to be functional by end of 2009 . This will help attracting more IT companies to South Odisha and the presence of STPI Brahmapur and IT Park at Brahmapur will also help.
  2. The infrastructure required for setting up software industries in Karnataka is provided by STPI . The software industry in Karnataka includes companies dealing with various fields like telecommunication, banking software, avionics, database, automotive, mobile handsets, internet applications and business process outsourcing.
  3. Gopalaswamy had also worked as adviser ( education ) in the Planning Commission of India, joint secretary, department of electronics, in charge of software development and industry promotion division and also the head of Software Technology Park of India ( STPI ) Society and SATCOMM India Society.
  4. The STPI publishes press releases, organizes public demonstrations, arranges post card fund raising campaigns, prepares reports for court hearings, produces educational materials for teachers, and publishes the journal " Pogrom ", which is a source of information about the situation of ethnic and religious minorities.
  5. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced on 27 February 2016 that National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology ( NIELIT ) would be set up in Kurukshetra to provide computer training to youth and a Software Technology Park of India ( STPI ) would be set up in Panchkula s existing HSIIDC IT Park in Sector 23.
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