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  1. The company now plans to to open eight stores this year.
  2. Most of it is stored in Britain, France and Russia.
  3. It's the place where these two files are stored.
  4. He then opened a hardware store, and then a second.
  5. His replica jersey, No . 18, hangs in stores.
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  7. Net pockets on the seat backs can store magazines and whatnot.
  8. But don't look for the product in retail stores.
  9. All kinds of people wandered in and out of that store.
  10. -- Store interiors are being redesigned to make shopping easier.
  11. Now, let's move to where they are stored.
  12. Complaining about several burglaries at his store, Bryant criticized police.
  13. Muscles store protein, but you want to preserve your muscles.
  14. Or show up as a greeter at a sporting goods store.
  15. Shop clerks now fret if a traveler lingers in their store.
  16. I am sure there are more surprises in store for us.
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