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  1. Livingston wanted Sinatra to work with arranger Nelson Riddle, however Sinatra was reluctant to do so out of his loyalty to Axel Stordahl with whom he had worked for most of his career.
  2. Among the hit songs he wrote were the popular standards " I Should Care " and " Day by Day, " collaborating on both with Sammy Cahn and Axel Stordahl.
  3. Dorsey finally agreed, and on Jan . 19, 1942, with Axel Stordahl as arranger and conductor, Sinatra held his first recording session, singing " Night and Day,"
  4. Similar attention is given to each of Sinatra's movies, his singing predecessors-- Russ Columbo, Bing Crosby-- arrangers like Axel Stordahl and Nelson Riddle, and so forth.
  5. When success of the first few Capitol sides with Stordahl proved disappointing, Sinatra eventually relented and Riddle was called in to arrange his first session for Sinatra, held on April 30, 1953.
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