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  1. He signed with Capitol Records and immediately went into the studios, first with Stordahl, then with Nelson Riddle.
  2. June Hutton, with Axel Stordahl and his orchestra, recorded " Keep It a Secret " in 1952.
  3. When Sinatra moved to Capitol Records in 1953, Stordahl arranged his first recording session there ( which produced four songs ).
  4. After obtaining his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Stordahl returned to his hometown of Thief River Falls.
  5. Stordahl set a standard that such subsequent Sinatra collaborators as Nelson Riddle, Billy May and Gordon Jenkins were hard pressed to beat.
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  7. He moved into manhood in the'50s, learning the importance of arrangers like Axel Stordahl, Billy May and Nelson Riddle.
  8. Sinatra was reluctant however, preferring instead to remain with Axel Stordahl, his long-time collaborator from his Columbia Records years.
  9. Through it all, there are the marvelous musicians behind the man : Stordahl and Riddle, Costa and May, Ellington and Basie.
  10. His wife, Karyn ( Stordahl ) of Owatonna, Minnesota, also attended the University of Minnesota and was Miss Minnesota, 2005.
  11. It was memorably arranged by Axel Stordahl for Frank Sinatra in his final Capitol Records album " Point of No Return ".
  12. His first session for Capitol took place at KHJ studios at Studio C, 5515 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, with Axel Stordahl conducting.
  13. He also founded the Stordahl Center for Art and Culture, and presided as chair of the United Nations'International Year for the Handicapped.
  14. Ann Stordahl, senior vice president for Neiman Marcus, said : " Emotionally, it will be exciting to see the Americans go first.
  15. Stordahl also arranged the vocalist's first Capitol session back in 1953, so his presence gave a sense of closure to the Capitol era.
  16. The song is most closely associated with Frank Sinatra, who recorded it first for Columbia Records in 1944, with an arrangement by Axel Stordahl.
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