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  1. In February 1999, Air Stord filed for bankruptcy.
  2. Eld鴜 was born in 1948 on Stord, Norway.
  3. The Digernessundet strait runs between Stord and this island.
  4. The village is located on the northwestern shore of the island of Stord.
  5. Operations were restarted in what became Air Stord.
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  7. As a result, there are now campuses both in Haugesund and on Stord.
  8. Educated at Dale, and later he engages in mining in Stord and Karm鴜.
  9. Currently he is assistant coach in Stord Fotball.
  10. Despite this he went on loan to Stord in the latter half of 2006.
  11. As a player, he played for the clubs Stord / Moster and Mj鴑dalen.
  12. The airline initially flew from Stord to Oslo.
  13. King Haakon was mortally wounded in 961 at the Battle of Fitjar at nearby Stord.
  14. Stord Bridge has the second-longest span in Norway, after the Ask鴜 Bridge.
  15. Between 1974 and 1990 he was local commander of the Norwegian Home Guard for Stord.
  16. Born in H鴜land, he graduated from the Stord Teacher's College in 1902.
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