stord airport in a sentence

  1. "' Stord Airport, S鴕stokken "'(;; ) is a municipal regional airport located at S鴕stokken in Stord, a Stord, it is the only airport with scheduled services in Sunnhordland.
  2. It had only small-plane operations and mechanical services until 1984, when it acquired concessions to operate at the new Stord Airport, S鴕stokken, Geilo Airport, Dagali, and eventually from Haugesund to Aberdeen.
  3. "' Air Stord A / S "'was an airline which operated between 1990 and 1999 . Based at Stord Airport, S鴕stokken, it operated a fleet of Beechcraft Super King Air and later Dornier Do 328 aircraft.
  4. On 21 February, Teddy Air launched a route between Stord Airport, S鴕stokken, and Oslo, using Saab 340 aircraft . This allowed four daily round trips during the week, and two on Sundays . Other airlines saw the route as attractive, and Coast Air launched eight daily round trips between the two airports.
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