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  1. The 3rd generation of the high performance WRX STI debuted in October 2007.
  2. The most noticeable feature on the STI sedan is a large rear spoiler.
  3. The WRX STI 330S includes increased engine power to.
  4. In 2016, Higgins again broke the record in a modified WRX STI.
  5. In 2010, SRRT campaigns a WRX STI in the Grand Sport class.
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  7. AWS was composed of two operating subsidiaries : Presidential Airways and STI Aviation.
  8. Two scales are most commonly used : STI and CIS
  9. Can't STI's show up after the baby is born?
  10. The initials STI therefore has been orphaned and becomes a pseudo-acronym.
  11. As of 2016 he works as an assistant coach at Smolevichi-STI.
  12. Dyesol acquired STI in 2006 and Greatcell in 2007.
  13. In 2014 Spiral Universe has been acquired by STI.
  14. STI developed into a university called Universitas Islam Indonesia on 14 December 1947.
  15. It lies southeast of Sti na in the historical region of Lower Carniola.
  16. In 2004, Subaru of America announced it would sell the WRX STi.
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