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  • Noun: stay of execution
    1. An order whereby a judgment is precluded from being executed for a specific period of time

    Derived forms: stays of execution

    Type of: stay

    Encyclopedia: Stay of execution

  • [Law]
    An order suspending the execution of the order of a court. In the High Court a stay of execution by writ of fieri facias may be granted subject to the condition that the debtor pays the judgment debt by specified instalments (unlike the county courts, the High Court has no other power to order the payment of judgment debts by instalments).


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  1. but at the last minute, hill was granted a stay of execution by the u . s . supreme court
  2. they were due to start demolishing the old theatre today but there's been a last-minute stay of execution
  3. They asked for a stay of execution and a new trial.
  4. JUSTICE SOUTER would deny the application to vacate stay of execution.
  5. Now, the bye looks like a temporary stay of execution.

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