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  1. He was a starter, he was an All-Star.
  2. The Chargers are 22-7 with Humphries as the starter.
  3. For starters, it would require asking probing questions of employees.
  4. The starter can also be used in the following cake recipe.
  5. I mean, Arkansas returns five starters from the national champions.
  6. It's difficult to find starter in a sentence.
  7. He's wearing a jacket made by Starter Sportswear Inc.
  8. Consequently, the starters have had their moments of unhappiness lately.
  9. And at least one starter expresses alarm at the general effort.
  10. You can pick up a starter set for about $ 28,
  11. But the Steelers rested several key starters on offense and defense.
  12. Seay has taken a circuitous route to becoming an NFL starter.
  13. Not against a team that doesn't even need starters.
  14. I had four starters coming back and I was athletic director.
  15. Two good books are out to support the wannabe business starter.
  16. By the fourth quarter, we were looking for new starters.
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