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  1. His birth name is based on the star Star ( f ).
  2. Star Star released an eclectic mix of post-rock, electronic, indie rock and Americana.
  3. The Z Gallery showed Wickiser's work along with painters of the Star Star Group from Beijing.
  4. Klein could have qualified for the team by finishing sixth in the Star Star, but missed the cut.
  5. "Star Star " ).
  6. It's difficult to find star stars in a sentence.
  7. "' Demolition 23 . "'was a Star Star guitarist Jay Hening, following the ending of Monroe's Jerusalem Slim project with Steve Stevens.
  8. AP : It seems that mainstream stars star in big-box-office flicks to have the muscle to do Oscar-winning ( smaller ) films.
  9. That's a new genre for the Lone Star star, who's best known for dramatic roles in such films as " A Time to Kill,"
  10. Simon, who was by now married to fellow singer-songwriter James Taylor, had moved to Hollywood, which is mentioned in the lyrics of Star Star.
  11. She said she was thrilled that the book party in Hong Kong drew filmmakers, writers, and Cantonese pop stars stars, as well as fashion people.
  12. This is reflected in its uncertain luminosity class, between IV ( the subgiants ) and V ( main sequence dwarf star stars like the Sun ).
  13. Former Major League Baseball star star Darryl Strawberry walked out of prison Tuesday after serving part of an 18-month prison sentence for violating probation on cocaine possession charges.
  14. The track " Star Star Star " sold 1, 480, 417 digital copies, while the song " Show Show Show " sold 1, 020, 710 digital copies in 2010.
  15. Next, Monroe tried to form another band called Demolition 23 . with Yaffa, Jimmy Clark and ex Star Star Guitarist Jay Hening, who was eventually replaced by Nasty Suicide.
  16. A promotional 7-inch and 12-inch Dance Mix of the song was sent to radio stations; the commercial 12-inch record featured the notorious " Star Star " on the B-side.
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