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  1. In 1782 he went to Bologna to study with Padre Martini and Stanislao Mattei; three years later he was accepted into the Accademia filarmonica.
  2. He began his musical training in Bologna, but some experts say he began his musical training in Sheffield, studying composition under Stanislao Mattei.
  3. The enormous success of Stanislao Gastaldon's 1881 Ricordi, to publish it and arrange for its premiere at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome.
  4. In 1736, he painted a " Madonna and child with Saints Stanislao Kostka ad Francesco Borgia " for the former church of Ss.
  5. They were divorced after she met the Italian Count, Stanislao Lepri, who abandoned his diplomatic career shortly after meeting Fini and lived with her thereafter.
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  7. He then became an assistant to Stanislao Cannizzaro at Sapienza University of Rome, and in 1879 was appointed professor of chemistry at the University of Modena.
  8. In 1851, Cloez and Italian chemist Stanislao Cannizzaro, working on collaborative research, prepared cyanamide by the action of ammonia on cyanogen chloride in ethereal solution.
  9. Sicilian chemist Stanislao Cannizzaro was still convinced that atomic weights held the key to the order of the elements and had found a new way of measuring them.
  10. The Argus retinal prosthesis was successfully fitted to a 67-year-old women in Italy at the Careggi Hospital in Florence by Professor Stanislao Rizzo in 2016.
  11. On Favorito s death in 1867 his pelt was mounted on a life-size wooden sculpture commissioned from Giovanni Tamone, to a design by Count Stanislao Grimaldi.
  12. Avogadro's hypothesis, however, was not initially accepted by chemists until the Italian chemist Stanislao Cannizzaro was able to convince the First International Chemical Congress in 1860.
  13. He then began musical training with his uncle Christian Ehregott Weinlig, with whom he studied for two years before travelling to Bologna to study with Stanislao Mattei in 1806.
  14. De Martino was born in Naples on 3 or 13 January 1870, and studied at the Reale Istituto di Belle Arti there, under Gioacchino Toma and Stanislao Lista.
  15. Having been wrongly exiled, Count Stanislao Potoski, his wife, Countess Fedora, and their daughter, Elisabetta, are living in a ramshackle dwelling attached to an abbey.
  16. Review of " Lettere a Stanislao Cannizzaro 1868-1872; Stanislao Cannizzaro : Scritti di Storia Politica e Chimica; Corrispondenza Varia ", a set of Cannizzaro's papers
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