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  • 平方单位制,面积量度单位。
  • square:    n. 1.正方形,四方块,四角;方形 ...
  • measure:    n. 1.尺寸,尺度,量,分量;【数 ...
  • square measure scale:    面积比


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  1. Based on the theories described above , calculation formula of general dimension of least square measure and multi - fractal fault diagnosis and analysis system have been established with borland c + + builder 5 . 0 , and checked by pure sinusoidal and cosine signal and sinusoidal signal with noise , and verified by the examples
    基于上述原理,建立了最小二乘法的广义维数计算公式,用borlandc + + builder5 . 0编制了以广义维数计算分析为基础的多重分形故障诊断系统,并对标准的正弦信号、余弦信号及带有噪声的正弦信号进行了验证。
  2. The major function of having precious metals coated with carriers is that it can provide with larger touchable square measure . therefore , it can provide the largest surface square measure and held - up time . equilibrium tight intensity can provide gas with good mixable degree and even step - down in order not to cause slanting flow

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