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  1. Many Catholic institutions simply may not survive in such a situation.
  2. Translation : Look for Walsh to use him in certain situations.
  3. Rated : R-- language, adult situations, emotional intensity
  4. If I was in his situation, I would have transferred.
  5. Can you explain what is done in a situation like that?
  6. It's difficult to find situation in a sentence.
  7. Wheat futures continued to rise on the tight world supply situation.
  8. The salary cap is the prohibitive factor in the Sanders situation.
  9. Mosca likes to call the contests a win-win situation.
  10. Fortunately for the Raiders, he adapts quickly to new situations.
  11. Obviously, some poor judgment was made in a precarious situation.
  12. The situation is worse still in the capital's slums.
  13. The 38-year-old kicker knows about these situations.
  14. She was really very sweet and pleasant about the whole situation.
  15. Peter Sidorkiewicz finds himself in another precarious situation with the Devils.
  16. Democratic and Republican senators had separate meetings to discuss the situation.
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