situation in a sentence

"situation" meaning  "situation" in Chinese  
  1. The financial situation has forced us to do something more quickly.
  2. Chu solemnly studies this situation, then he saves the day.
  3. But everybody has the same situation and you deal with that.
  4. But when they get there, their situation improves only slightly.
  5. "Obviously, Gooden's situation has been disappointing.
  6. It's difficult to find situation in a sentence.
  7. Castro's threat puts Washington in a potentially difficult situation.
  8. This is a difficult situation and a frustrating situation for them.
  9. This is a difficult situation and a frustrating situation for them.
  10. "But it's a dangerous situation ."
  11. These large numbers create an emergency situation for services and assistance,
  12. PG-13 ( language, adult situations ) . 2.
  13. They don't want another situation like Goma ."
  14. I think that I was bigger than the situation at hand,
  15. It's a situation all of us are comfortable with.
  16. "It's not a good situation,"
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