situated on in a sentence

"situated on" in Chinese  
  1. It is situated on the north-western edge of Hartlepool.
  2. The temple is situated on the bank of the River Dhandhar.
  3. Known locally as Mashona, situated on the Mashona Engashoni Ridge.
  4. It is situated on a commanding place near the Jhelum River.
  5. It is situated on the southern branch of the Northern Line.
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  7. The village was situated on an arable plain, without trees.
  8. The station is situated on the Felixstowe Branch Line east of.
  9. Iritty is situated on the Thalassery-Coorg-Mysore highway.
  10. Notably, all vehicle controls were situated on the steering wheel.
  11. It is situated on the northern side of a shallow fjord.
  12. The holy city of Ujjain is situated on its east bank.
  13. The island has an airport, situated on its eastern coast.
  14. Altos is situated on the asphalt road turning off from Emboscada.
  15. It is a farming town situated on the Euphrates River at.
  16. It is situated on the northern end of the Mississauga site.
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