situated on in a sentence

"situated on" in Chinese  
  1. The town is situated on a hill above the Arade River.
  2. Warrandyte is situated on the southern banks of the Yarra River.
  3. The campus is situated on land inhabited by the historic Chumash.
  4. Addington Long Barrow is situated on a northeast to southwest alignment.
  5. It is situated on the western coast of the P鋜ispea Peninsula.
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  7. Situated on the Dresden Striezelmarkt is a children s adventure world.
  8. It is situated on a hill between A65 and Vesper Road.
  9. Nafplio is situated on the Argolic Gulf in the northeast Peloponnese.
  10. It was situated on the Roman road from Braga to Castela.
  11. It is situated on the left bank of the river Mella.
  12. The village itself is situated on the edge of the wetland.
  13. The farm is situated on the lake's east side.
  14. This is situated on the site of the old Golf Range.
  15. It is situated on the Firth of Tay, 7 m.
  16. It is situated on the northwestern coast of the Argolic Gulf.
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