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  • 雷利牌烟草
  • 沃尔特罗利爵士
  • sir:    n. 先生,阁下,君。 1.〔一般对 ...
  • walter:    n. 1.沃尔特〔姓氏,男子名〕。 ...
  • raleigh:    n. 罗利〔美国北卡罗来纳州首府〕。 ...
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  1. Sir walter raleigh , a great english explorer , regularly drank a mixture of wild strawberry leaves and always placed potpourris of roses and orris powder throughout the rooms of his home
  2. Sir walter raleigh brought from the new world that potato and that weed , the one a killer of pestilence by absorption , the other a poisoner of the ear , eye , heart , memory , will , understanding , all
    沃尔特雷利爵士: 196从新大陆带回了土豆和烟草。前者能够借吸收作用消灭恶疫197后者毒害耳朵眼睛心脏记忆力意志力理解力,它毒害一切。

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