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  1. Bowes was a tail-end batsman and a right-arm medium-paced seam bowler.
  2. He took advantage of a grassy pitch still ideally suited to the seam bowlers and difficult for batting.
  3. India, predicting a spin-friendly track, went into the match with just one seam bowler.
  4. Allrounder Tilan Samaraweera and swing bowler Pramodya Wickramasinghe replaced batsman Kumar Sangakkara and leftarm seam bowler Nuwan Zoysa.
  5. Singh has taken nine wickets here, while the seam bowlers have a combined 43 wickets between three.
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  7. Officials said there was confusion as to whether wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel or seam bowler Laxmipathy Balaji would play.
  8. Jayasuriya claimed three boundaries off seam bowler Abdul Razzaq in a single over soon after completing the century.
  9. Seam bowler Reiffel said he is reluctant to continue if his only option is to represent state team Victoria.
  10. Ricky Ponting was bowled off the last ball before the break by seam bowler Craig White for 21 runs.
  11. Sami grabbed three wickets for 63 runs while lanky seam bowler Shabbir Ahmed chipped in with two for 56.
  12. However, despite West Indies going in with four seam bowlers, they left Bradshaw out of the team.
  13. Middlesex seam bowler Angus Fraser is playing grade cricket in Sydney with the Western Suburbs club and is on standby.
  14. The pitch gave seam bowlers plenty of help, as did some careless stroke play from batsmen on both sides.
  15. England picked seam bowler Mark Ealham to supplement the pace of Philip DeFreitas, Darren Gough and debutante Dean Headley.
  16. "I like to think of myself as a swing rather than seam bowler, " said Elworthy.
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